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Jacob john Cavendish or "J.J" Is an actor who was professionally trained at RADA.(with no success)

His claim to fame is the fact he went to school with Tom Hardy who he says bullied him.

He's now seriously bitter about HARDYS success describing him as a "nasty nasty man"

J.J will slag Hardy off at any opportunity, by keeping track of him with the tom hardy app, following him on twitter and writing to Christopher Nolan personally as to why he was “shit as bane” 


 Like most famous actors he makes a massive deal out of tiny things in his child hood.

J'J  recounts everything with a deep intensity, drawing on deeply dark periods of his life such as the time he was 8 and “ retreated to his room for nearly three days doing nothing but listening to green days dookie and playing earth worm jim”


Basically he has seen to many inside the actors studio and is more concerened with acting like an actor than actually acting…if that makes sense.

He likes to think he’s a thespian. 

His dream is to “work with Ron howard”.



J.J gives us his acting tips on different emotions, dialect, confidence, auditions, how to deal with the industry as  well as pitching his own film ideas.

All aided by tapes he’s managed to retrieve from his auditions in which we see him rehearsing for lots of famus roles…but not exactly getting it right .

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