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Warren is a man who is constantly trying to display authority.
Imagine if Gareth Keenan from the office spoke about bike couriering the same way he spoke about the army. Warren takes his job more seriously than it actually is - so he can feel like he has more power than he actually does.
Braced for war and always holding his walkie talkie like it’s an emergency, he's the kind of guy who has no luck with women so ploughs all his energy into taking himself and his job very, very seriously. Picturing himself as an outsider like De Niro in Taxi Driver or Ryan Gosling in Drive...But on a bicycle... “I ride”.
Warren is quite tragic and has no real friends so we do feel for him sometimes as his anger’s all bravado - he just wants to be respected and admired. Also some authority...as he clearly has NONE!
Warren thinks the government are trying to supress us and he’s out there like a lone wolf rebelling against "the system" by not getting an office job like all the other “drones”.
He thinks it’s like the Matrix and he is a Neo/Morpheus type - When in actual fact he’s delivering packages for the biggest corporations in the world.
He’s a walking contradiction...like a lot of people who confess to be “smashing the system” by not doing the 9 to 5 thing.
Even though he actually works 9.30 to 6.
He’s a mildly sexist loser – cocky, childish, and full of anger. He speaks down to people, and has a chip on his shoulder at all times. A philosophical conspiracy theorist who gets ALL his information from the internet.
He loves extreme sports (especially going wakeboarding to Cornwall with his mate Squid) he makes his own Nutrition bars that “you can live off for a week (if you’re really stingy with it)”, and, Music-wise, is a big fan of Drum and Bass, Newton Faulkner and Bjork. 

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